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Jonny Dub Sighting

Our crazy friend Jonny Dub has been sighted again. Here he is on the right:

Update [2005-5-20 18:11:37 by Dex]: Parental guidance suggested for children under 8! What the heck are you doing on the internet without your parents there, anyway? You should be taking a nap!

Under 8? Don't click.

And here's a good picture of him in action with some little kids:

Look how he's shoving that little girl into the photo. "Get in there little girl! Red Ruff got places to be!"

Jonny Dub and his girlfriend Sheona were Red Ruff and Blue Mew at the Race for Literacy over the weekend. They were supposed to be there for the kids, but look at this photo of Jon leering at one of the young mothers:

There he is gawking lustily with his tongue hanging out. Rubbing his hands together greedily at the site of a bob haircut.

Other than that one lapse in concentration, Jonny Dub once again represents the Gaslamp Ballers well. Previous Jonny Dub sightings here and here.