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Open Thread, 5/10: San Diego vs Cincinnati

Brian Lawrence (2-3, 5.19) vs Brandon Claussen (1-3, 5.60). 4:10 PM.

From the comments, cawoo22 asks: Gentlemen, the Cincinnati broadcasters said last night that Peavy was pitching through some shoulder soreness. Have you guys heard anything about that? If so, what?

Answer: The only thing I've heard is what the Padres broadcasters mentioned last night. Peavy, over the last two starts now, had been having trouble getting his shoulder loose and mentioned stiffness. I guess the plan over these last two starts was to pitch through the tightness and hope that the other team wouldn't score too much before the shoulder loosened. They also said on the Padres broadcast that Peavy, being as competitive and as hard on himself as he is, blamed himself for the Padres missing the post season last year.


Padres look to win another series tonight. JD over at the Red Reporter thinks this might be the worst Reds team ever. If that's true, Padres need to capitalize. Hopefully the Dodgers will continue to struggle against the Cardinals during their series and the Padres can shoot for a sweep of the Reds.

I'm hoping B-Law can go deep tonight and give the bullpen a break. No matchup numbers for the Padres against the rookie Claussen. I'd like to see them put some big numbers up early.

Update [2005-5-10 21:51:42 by Dex]: Padres lose 5-1. Oh well. It didn't feel like they ever really showed up today, did it? Don't worry Pads. Rubbermatch tomorrow. We'll get them then.