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Four runs down in the 9th

This is going to be a great season. I'm getting the goosebumpy feelings of '96 and '98 where I'm starting to feel like the Padres aren't ever going to be out of games. I mean, really. Four runs down in the 9th? That's not just taking advantage of the other team's bullpen. That's something awesome.

This team is clutch.

Take, for example, the "underrated" Dave Roberts. One for six on the day, but his one was the game winning hit in the 13th. Clutch.

What about Bochy, with his depleted bench, sending Eaton up to pinch hit for Linebrink? What about Eaton getting that hit? Two for two in pinch hitting appearances by our hot young pitcher. Clutch.

Ryan Klesko running right through a stop sign at third? Actually... Not so much clutch. But still. You have to admit this team is awesome right now.