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Weird Gaslamp Ball Happenings

So I went to a concert on Friday night in La Jolla at UCSD. Out of the hundreds of people there. Who am I standing next to? David one of the first and few readers of this site. Dex had told me earlier in the day that David was going to the same concert, but to be honest I wasn't sure he existed in real life. I came in about 2 minutes before the lights went out and about a half hour into the show I'm looking at this guy standing next to me and I recognize him from his picture on his blog. We chatted a bit about old times and he introduced me to his girl Ilana, who I also recognized from her site. It's him. What are the chances of that? It was good meeting them. They both seemed real nice. Thanks for not kidnapping me.

This isn't the first coincidence with David either. I have some creepy feeling that he (or his blog) is the center of the internet.