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Open Thread, 4/9: The Friars vs the Buccaneers

I wonder if there will be any offense tonight. These 4 games seem to be identical to last years season. No back to back hits and strong pitching. Does anybody know how many bunt attempts the Pads had on Opening Night? I would guess about 10. That was actually the biggest difference that I could tell. That was more then I saw all last season.

Pitching for Pittsburgh is the former Padre Oli Perez. Woodrow Williams is making his second start with the Pads. This will be the battle of huge ERA's. Perez with the 10.8 and Woody with the 16.2.

I'm reading the MLB Preview:

"It's still early and we're not 0-4, so we're not panicking." -- Ryan Klesko after the Padres dropped to 2-2 with their loss to Pittsburgh on Friday night

Who said it was time to panic? Klesko is a very nervous guy.

Let's have some chatter here in the comments section.