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Batting Music

If you were at the game on Thursday night you might have heard a few F bombs being dropped by Trick Daddy on the Petco PA system. Everybody around us was cracking up. Especially when they quickly turned the volume down.

In Today's UT they have an article about it.

"It was never my intention for the whole song to be played," Greene said. "I'd heard the entire song. I knew there were cuss words in the middle. I thought for sure, a short tape or an edited version would be used. As I was waiting to hit, I asked myself, 'Are they going to let this thing go through?' "



Eric Young's complete dislocation of his shoulder could end his career:

Young, who will be 38 next month, didn't suffer a shoulder separation when he crashed into the center-field wall Thursday at Petco Park. He suffered a complete dislocation of his right (throwing) shoulder ? a threat not only to the versatile veteran's 2005 season but his career.