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Random gossip and rumors!

Time for weekend gossip! Everybody donned tuxedos for opening night. And Matt Vasgersian got his fair share of looks from the ladies! Insiders close to the action tell GB that those weren't rentals! ...What's with the Padres having so many players with gorgeous hair? Is there a conspiracy afoot to attract similarily styled studs to the ballpark? Position your peepers on this, ladies:

Where can I find my Padres? Aisle six next to Salon Selectives! And I bet half-asian sensation David Roberts thought he was getting away from all that! Think again, Davey! Finally... It's not just the hair on his head! A secret source tells GB that hunky Padre Brian Giles has been known to shave his legs! Watch out Joe Namath! Looks like somebody's gonna be doing the pantyhose commercials from here on out!