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I'm so tired

I just got home from the game. Man, I'm tired. I got to the park at five o'clock, left at eleven. That's like a full work day.

I got to the park well before any of my group so I watched the Pirates take BP. I happened to run into Eldon and his dad, Don. Eldon played little league with my wife's younger cousin, Andy. Eldon knows a ton about baseball and Padres history even though he was born in like '93 or something. I bet he could name opening day lineups going back to the 70's. I'm not even kidding. I told Eldon and Don about the blog, so if you guys are reading this, thanks for keeping me company and I'm sorry if you read other posts and there's anything objectionable. I don't think we curse or anything, but Jess says we get kind of angry sometimes.

There were a few highlights throughout the game, but some of them would be best if I had access to the pictures that jbox took. I'll just tell you what I learned.

  • Apparently, Jose Lima plays for the Pirates now
  • If you try to sneak into the seats behind home plate, in the ninth inning, after obviously half of the ticket holders have already left, some dude named Steve will come down and tell you that they're "premium seats", that "nobody sits here" and that "people paid good money to not sit there". I wish I was joking.
  • The Padres rally bell in the middle of the 9th inning takes three innings before it initiates a rally
  • If you hit the ball to center field against us, you'll be robbed in spectacular fashion
  • My wife's cousin Sara's new crush is Adam Hyzdu
Seriously, even though he didn't do much at the plate besides lay down a decent bunt, that catch he made in center was AWESOME. Especially considering he probably didn't expect to play. This is why I don't make predictions. Here I am figuring he won't make the team. He ends up leading off the home opener. I really hope Eric Young's OK. That was some kinda catch.

More tomorrow when we get pictures uploaded.