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Fans starting to turn on Nevin and Klesko

I noticed yesterday at the game that fans are becoming a lot less forgiving when it comes to Nevin and Klesko.  Nevin made two really bad defensive plays yesterday.  

The first one Burrough's bare handed a slow hit ball and dove making a great throw that bounced within range of Nevin.  Nevin missed it.  You could hear the crowd turn from the joy of Burroughs making a great play to the bitter disappointment.  The error was of course charged to Burroughs.  

Later Nevin ran towards the first baseline to get a grounder and the ball went behind him.  It may even have hit his back foot.  It was hard to tell.  Horrible play.  Dex was in the concession line and said that Matt Vasgersian was saying that the ball had a weird spin on it.  Sorry but I don't trust Vasgersian on that.  If Gwynn had said it.  Then maybe.  Why defend poor defense?  The ball just went straight, since I could see it from above in the upper deck.  The fans were amazed how badly he played the ball.  Dex and I were making comments like "The ballpark is too big, I couldn't get to the ball" jokes.  This guy sitting in front of us very nearly did a spit take while drinking his beer.

Klesko was swinging for the fences last night.  Popping up in key situations.  Wasn't this the same guy that said he was only going to hit line drives now?