Padres Home opener grade: C+

So I'm really excited about this free preview MLB Extra Innings stuff, especially since I live in Virginia and miss my Padres, alas it ends 4/10 and I either have to pony up $149 (yikes), $79 for MLB.TV, or watch (is that even the right verb) MLB Gameday, I used MLB.TV last year for 2 months at $14.95/month and it was a lifesaver.

Now, for staying up until 130AM EST or so watching the game (please write to Owners to change game time to 630PM to give me an extra half hour of sleep), I thought it was a mediocre performance.  With the exception of stellar defense, pitching, by the Pads, I saw the same stuff last year that I believe cost us the playoffs, lack of situational hitting (trying to swing for the fences in a not so friendly park with men in scoring position and no outs), lack of execution of fundamentals and strange play calling (with runners at first and second and no out and ONE run in WINS the game, YOU BUNT BOCHY, you don't try to trick people). Granted, it worked in the winning inning but only after giving the Pirates several chances to put runs on the board before you.

That being said, great job to fight it out, hang tough, and come away with a valuable home win.  I love it when Peavy throws a gem and says on the post-game that he wasn't on target.  WOW!  So what's your A-game like, well we all know the answer to that.  On another note, maybe the Padres were trying a different approach to the stadium because I only saw one long fly ball and that was a Klesko flyout to left (I could be wrong).  Maybe they were just getting outpitched.

Now Dex mentioned in his blog about Hydzu becoming the object of affection for his wife's cousin.  It must be that long hair and manly man look of his.  Come to think of it, if you noticed on TV Hydzu was always jabbering with Klesko.  Could it be that they were exchanging hair secrets.  I think so.  I think Klesko might get a little envious if he gets wind that Hydzu is winning the affections of young girls in the 619.

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