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San Diego Weekly Reader Profiles Jerry Coleman

Yesterday, I mentioned San Diego's free alternative newspaper, the CityBEAT (is that how they type it out?). Today, San Diego's other free weekly, the Reader has a profile of Jerry Coleman. It's a very nice biography, but nothing you probably wouldn't already know.

The cover however would be really nice to get autographed. You'd probably want to use one of those shiny gold paint pens though. Also, this is a good time to point out my other blog, What Did Jerry Coleman Do Today? I've taken it on as a project to jot down what Jerry Coleman does from day to day when asked by Ted Leitner. Unfortunately, I don't think I can keep up with it. Tonight, for example, I'll be at the game, and I don't usually carry a walkman.

If you happen to hear what Jerry did today, could you comment it on one of the blogs or e-mail it. That would be awesome of you.