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Open Thread 4/6: Pads vs Rox ROUND 2!

Finally, we get another shot at these young punks. Says on my schedule 5:35PM start. Adam Eaton vs Jason Jennings. I'll probably watch for a bit. If you're here and something happens, comment if you'd like.

I'm calling it right now... This is a must win game.

Update [2005-4-7 12:7:41 by Dex]: And we won it. I watched most of the first bit and then the rest at poker night. It was in the background.

What did we learn today?

  • Brian Giles might very well be awesome
  • You're not allowed to have fountains in the batters eye
  • Darrel May probably won't be closing games for us any time soon.

Since when does having a 9 run lead in the 9th constitute a nailbiter? And yet somehow, I was really worried that the Padres were gonna give up a few more before the day was over.