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San Diego City Beat Padres Preview

I can't be sure, but I believe that every big city has a free newspaper like San Diego's CityBeat. It's usually tabloid shaped, pretty liberal, and the back two pages have ads for local strip clubs and adult bookstores. It's not normally the place to get sports news.

This week however (and I'll put the link up when they update their site), there's a Padres preview by David Rolland. Among the highlights:

  • Giles, naked, wagging his fifth tool at a Union Tribue reporter to get said reporter's attention
  • Getting chewed out by Nevin
  • The full context of Klesko's "Petco Park whine" statement
  • Reminiscing about Davey Lopes being a dick
When he was a kid, Rolland apparently asked Lopes for an autograph while at a restaurant and Lopes went off on him a little bit. To be honest, that's what you get for being a Dodger fan.

Man, that Giles though cracks me up. Maybe he is the funny guy on the team. That's comedic genius.

Update [2005-4-6 11:6:32 by Dex]: Jbox asked me to post some quotes. Here's the bit about Giles. Be thankful that I typed it out since it's not online yet. Rolland had just been snubbed by Bill Center, reporter for the UT...
Just then, as I was mentally bludgeoning him to death, we hear, "Bill!"

It was a Padres player, holding his... um, equipment, showing it to the grizzled old reporter, I guess - just letting him know it was still there, attached to his body. I won't say who it was, out of respect for the ol' locker-room code.
It was Giles though. In all his glory.

Update [2005-4-6 15:26:14 by Dex]: Here's your link.