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Cheerleaders in baseball

Here's an interesting question. Why are there so few cheerleaders in baseball?

The link is an audio bit from NPR explaining how the Angels were the first to try cheerleaders, but then ditch them. What I didn't know is that we in San Diego are in a very exclusive group. The only active cheer squads right now are the Jay Force (Blue Jays), the Marlin Mermaids, and our very own Pad Squad.

The link doesn't really provide a very good answer to their question except that season ticket holders get annoyed by cheerleaders because they block their view.

Good old Pad Squad. Blazing an elitist trail of annoyance.

I'm just kidding. We love the Pad Squad these days.

Update [2005-4-5 15:34:34 by Dex]: I'm trying to find pictures of these other groups, but so far, all I've found out is that the Marlin Mermaids are kinda skanky... which is rad.

Skanky = Rad.

Update [2005-4-5 15:39:54 by Dex]: Here they are. I wasn't looking hard enough. Oh man there's a bunch of them and they're sexy as all get out. Oh jeez. I better take off my wedding ring or else it'll signal Jess. Let me find my favorites.

******* FAVORITES DEVELOPING ***********

Update [2005-4-5 15:47:23 by Dex]: OK... I found my favorite. It's Britney. Her favorite ice creams are mint chocolate chip and moose tracks. Moose tracks? I've never heard of that. Sounds like something to avoid while camping.

To be honest, on closer inspection, these girls aren't all that. Our Pad Squad has much better looking girls. I mean, no offense Mermaids, but it's true. We've met them.

Update [2005-4-5 15:57:29 by Dex]: Here's the link to the text version of the article. Lemme just peruse this... OH HOLY HEAD! SLATE LINKED TO OUR OLD SITE!? Man... This is gonna throw a wrench into jbox's dream of us becoming the official Pad Squad site. Pad Squadders... We like you! We don't know the people who wrote that other blog!

Update [2005-4-5 13:36:23 by jbox]:

I'll be honest and say that the I was not fond at all of the old Pad Squad they were real stuck up, but all that has changed. Everybody was way nicer last game. I think everything is cool between us now.