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I Love the Pad Squad

I don't know who these two Pad Squadders are but man they were nice:

I'm much too ugly for this pic. You only want to see the Pad Squad anyway. Man I'm really good at photoshop. You can't even tell there used to be somebody there. Although it looks like one of these girls has huge hands:

I think has become the official Pad Squad home page. Let's hope!

Here's the squad in action (Dex caught a foam ball):

I'll tell you what. Actually getting back to Petco last week, changed my whole perspective on the Padres. I was glad to be back at the Park, glad to see the Pads play again. I was even glad to see Nevin's angry grimace. All the negativity was just washed away by a $4 small coke and a luke warm hot dog. There ain't nothin' better then baseball season.

There were a few changes at the ballpark too:

1. They painted the batters eye dark blue instead of the dark green. I think they expanded it a bit too.

2. They have a small screen in the right center field wall. It's nice but to be honest I don't think anybody is gonna be able to see it without 20-10 vision. Fortunatley I have 20-10 vision.

3. New hot dogs.

4. We got some free cotton candy on the way out of the park.