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Cooler heads prevail

Here's something bktabinga wrote in the open thread after that blown save. In case you missed it:

Okay...I've commented to Dex that Trevor, although elite, is slowly becoming "hittable". In other words, his fastball and changeup are narrowing and thats how he has gotten away with a 90MPH tops fastball with little movement.

However, that being said, I was a little hard on him based on reviewing 2004 stats. The Padres as a whole were 4th in the NL on SV/SVO percentage. Good company in that the rankings were 1)LA 2)STL 3)ATL 4)SDG 5)HOU. Notice the trend here.

In actuality, Trevor Hoffman beat out Eric Gagne, Brad Lidge, and many others converting 91 percent of his save chances (41/45).

Most of the blown saves came from Otsuka and Linebrink.

What does that mean, I dont know except that I think Hoffman is getting into the latter years of his prime and the natives will start to grow weary when you have two young hurlers in the name of Otsuka and Linebrink that are just as effective.

Wouldn't it be quite the strategy to just go with a two man setup and use the third in case the "closer" doesn't look like he has his "stuff". And then you would basically alternate setup men depending on rest, situation, etc. Keeping Hoffman as the closer, but having a ready relief in either Otsuka or Linebrink, instead of having Hoffman close the game out, do or die. Well, that's probably overthinking becaues most teams, including the Padres, when they send out the closer, they have no intention of going to the bullpen. Wouldnt do much for the ego of the closer anyways.

Really, after reading all this, it was attempt #1 to explain away and lessen the blow of today, with countless other should have would have days looming ahead. Why can't baseball just be a 16 week season so this torture of being a die hard season long fan is bearable.

OK... I feel a little better now. That, and the fact that I logged in this morning and was able to get opening day tickets, has eased the tension a little bit.

This is a good opportunity to point out the diaries section on the right side there. Sort of a blog within a blog. If you have something you want to write about, feel free to post a diary. No sense letting it languish in some other comments section. Get it off your chest.