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Stuff to chew on

Well, thanks to the miracles of modern scheduling, Padres have a day off. Time enough to chew on that loss. How does that taste Padres? Don't forget how many games out of the post season you were last year. This ain't no marathon. No sense saving your strength till the end. It's a boxing match. And early rounds won count just as good at the end of the night. Ugh, now I'm making weird analogies.

Let's think about other stuff.

Geoff has an interview with Will Carroll of the Baseball Prospectus. It's a little tough to figure Will's opinion Dave Roberts. He seems to think Nady in center is a huge downgrade, however, with the benefit of seeing one game, I think we need to get Nady in the lineup. Even if pitchers figure him out after a month or two (like they did his rookie year), right now, Nady's awesome.

Of the 38 minor leaguers suspended, four are from the Padres. Good to know our boys on the farm are trying to stay competitive. I'm joking.

OK. I'm done thinking about other things. Let's think about the loss again. Others close to us are scared of Hoffman, as if he was a pariah. Let's just remember that it was in Coors. And ummm... Otsuka and Linebrink were awesome. As was Dennys Reyes. And Nady was crazy awesome. And Trevor was oh so disappointing.

When my brother-in-law, Brooks (who made the Astros AAA squad, hooray!), was little and wasn't getting his way, he'd do a fake cry. Except it wasn't fooling anybody and sounded like a moo. The way his family describes it, it was pitiful. Maybe, until the Padres can get another shot at Todd and the toddlers, we should all moo about our loss and hope somebody pities us.