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Open Thread: 4/4: Our Padres vs. the Rockies of Colorado

And just like that, it's opening day. A 1:05PM start today and the radio at my desk is set up just right to listen. I'm gonna take a late lunch today and meet Jon someplace downtown to watch the first couple innings.

Oh man I'm psyched. Say hello if you're online.

Update [2005-4-4 19:31:49 by Dex]: HRRMRRMRMRRRRRRRRR.... Padres lose in the 9th. Two heads of the two headed monster friggin' shut down the Rox and Trevor gives up 4 in the 9th... Three runs with two down... To blow the save. I have a huge headache now. Man. Some opening day.

So, what did we learn?

  • Trevor Hoffman makes me crazy
  • Xavier Nady is more awesome than I can believe

Friggin' Trevor, dude. Friggin' Trevor.