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Game Review, 4/29: Padres 5, D-Backs 4

Unfortunately, since my computer's out of commission, I won't be able to get the photos up until Monday. But oh they're good. They're good because the game was crazy.


  • Jon going for a foul ball. Ending up with his face in the dirt as overzealous foul ball guys all converge at the same time. "That ball's MINE!"

  • Jon coming up after going for said foul ball with old school WWF headwound. After I was done sarcastically nodding and rolling my eyes at the other guy who ended up with the ball (he was seriously crazy about getting foul balls), I looked over at Jon and saw blood streaming down his forehead. INTENSE. That's called sacrifice, boys and girls. That's called laying it all out on the field... literally.

  • Anna Kournikova with the 12-6 curve for literally, a first pitch strike. And from the rubber no less. That's called locating your pitch, Trevor. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Hoffman. Peavy's getting Cy Young votes this year and ain't no jealous, over the hill closer gonna sabotage him.

I'm a little bit exhausted. But here's what I learned. Also in bullet points:

  • Phil Nevin is clutch.

  • Jon is willing to bleed from the head if it means a chance at getting a foul ball.

  • My wife's cousin Sara pervs big time for Adam Hyzdu. Big time. Seriously Sara, it's true. You're a perv. Normal people don't look at dudes like that. Even with Big League Hair.

Photos to look forward to: Anna Kournikova. Randy Jones pork sandwich. Jerry Coleman during pregame show. Jon eating fish and chips. Jon eating a Randy Jones beef sandwich. Jon eating dirt. Jon's bloody forehead.

And much, much more! But it'll have to wait till Monday. Jbox will be posting the open game threads for the weekend.

So seepy. Where's my banky. Seepy. Need banky.