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3-4-5 Hitters

Here's an article from the UT today about Giles, Nevin and Klesko.

There might be no more loosey-goosey player in the game than Giles, as quick with the prank and quip as he is with the liner to right. Turning your back on Giles in the clubhouse or dugout is like lunging out over the plate on Randy Johnson or Pedro Martinez.

"Yeah, we three feed off each other," Giles said. "Breakfast burritos every morning."

Giles is a barrel of laughs. Whew that was some quip.
"I remember back in 2000-2001, Ryan and I talked a lot about being the best three-four in baseball," Nevin said, "and for a while we were."

"One of the best," interjected Giles with a grin. "Me and (Jason) Kendall were pretty good in Pittsburgh."

I can totally see Nevin and Klesko tooting their own horn all through the 00-01 season. With 3-4-5 guys like these we're in for a long season.