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Open Thread, 4/29: Anna Kournikova night

Oh and the Padres and the D-Backs are playing a game as well. Jake Peavy vs Brandon "Spidah" Webb. The Rematch!

Jess is going to the game tonight with her cousin Sara and a couple of other girlfriends. It's ladies night. Which means that I'm playing third wheel with another couple we know. Don't you worry about me, dear reader. I'll be OK.

Meanwhile, the girls will probably do their girl talk, taking turns swooning over players. Saying things like, "If Nady tried to steal second base on me, I'd like, totally let him" and "I like, totally wouldn't mind playing catch with Ramon" and "Dave Roberts like totally has a cute butt" and other such thinly veiled comments. It's so true. Don't even try to deny it.

We also get Padres knit beanies. The knit beanies look hot. I bet they'll dress Anna Kournikova up in a knit beanie. Is Anna a Padres fan you think? I can't imagine she follows baseball much at all. I wonder what kind of pictures I'll be able to take. The digital camera is ready to go. I hope I get some good photos.

Open thread. Vent if you'd like.