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Jungle Karma

Apologies to everyone.  It's been way too long since I last blogged.  The Man had me traveling like crazy with this new job.  I'm gone for two weeks and the start of the Padres season goes to hell.  All I know is that we're in need of some serious momentum in the win department.  

I'm listening to some sports radio this morning and I hear a deep articulate voice on the other end being interviewed by Jim Rome.  I'm shocked when I hear it's Mark Loretta in The Jungle.  I forgot he went to Northwestern and he almost played at Stanford.  Loretta is real well spoken and very diplomatic.  Although he did bag on Nevin for being way too dramatic.  Loretta claims that he's told Nevin to stop trying so hard, seek anger management, and just play ball.  He also said that Bochy is real confused how he's being treated by management in light of his contract extension negotitations.

I seriously think that Loretta is the captain of this team.  He's a solid guy that gives you a 110% all the time.  A true team player.  This interview is a sign of good things to come...