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Sandy Alderson Articles

I was emailed two Sandy articles this morning. Both of them are pretty interesting.

This first ESPN article talks about Sandy being a hard ass. Beating down competitors in basketball:

The next time down the court, Alderson jolted the writer with a forearm smash.
I hope Nevin plays basketball with Sandy some time.

Even our own CEO is laughing at Moores. But then he realizes that he probably shouldn't be laughing at him and covers himself:

When the hiring of Alderson was announced recently, Moores said all he wanted Alderson to do was to make the Padres "the best organization in baseball.''

"I got a chuckle out of that," Alderson says, "but really, why shouldn't that be the goal? Why can't it be achieved?''

The other article is from the sporting news.

Moores says he wants the best baseball franchise in America. With Alderson, he just might get it. But it's a team effort, and Towers, Bochy and Co. made it to the World Series once before under a strong CEO. Alderson would be wise to make the most of their talents.

It'll be interesting to see what kinda moves that Sandy makes. I'm excited about the chance for a little shake up.