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Home again, home again.

A few points of interest.

  • SportsBlogs Inc has grown by three. Or shortly three. Two for now. First is the new White Sox blog, which has a really smooth color scheme and logo. Very gritty and sparse, like Sin City. The second is Purple Row. Purple Row is written by Rox Girl, SportsBlogs first female blogger. An Astros site is coming soon as well, though I don't think that guy's ready to go yet.
  • Not unlike SportsBlogs Inc, Geoff Blum is also expecting triplets.
  • Yesterday, What Did Jerry Coleman Do Today? got mentioned on the Ted Leitner show by Steve Violetta, Padres VP of Business Affairs. Unfortunately, though I was listening on and off, I missed it. Did anybody else hear it? I wonder if Violetta reads Gaslamp Ball also. If so... I'm sorry I called you a jerk that one time.
  • Anna Kournikova is throwing out the first pitch tonight. I'll be pitching something else, if you know what I mean. I'd like to round the bases with her a couple times, if you catch my drift. I wouldn't mind playing a little bit of pepper with Anna, if you understand me right. ROWR! Helloooooo, nurse! You could definitely hang a star on that one! AWOOOOGA! I better make sure the digital camera is charged. Ah jeez.. I forgot to take off my wedding ring again... Oh man, it's signalling the wife... Ah it burns! It burns!!!
  • First Gaslamp Ball Book Club book: 3 Nights in August by Buzz Bissinger. I'm hoping to gain some insight as to what Bochy goes through strategywise. It will either make me lay off him a little bit, or it'll give me more fuel to criticize with.
Peavy tonight. Don't worry everybody. Peavy will get us going again.