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Pads: Making the Grade?

I was trying to grade all the regular players so far this season.  A = excellent, B = good, C = Average, D = Needs improvement, F = Failing.  

I graded them based on if they are achieving in the role that they are expected to fill.

I welcome any changes or suggestions.  It was actually kinda hard handing out these grades.  I'm just trying to get a better idea of how these dudes are doing individually.

I tried to be fair, but sometimes I'm not

53 Adam Eaton        B
51 Trevor Hoffman    B
50 Brian Lawrence    C-
38 Scott Linebrink    B-
16 Akinori Otsuka    C+
44 Jake Peavy        A
39 Tim Redding        D
49 Dennys Reyes        B
37 Rudy Seanez        B
17 Woody Williams    B+
55 Ramon Hernandez    B-
27 Geoff Blum         B+
33 Sean Burroughs    C+
8 Mark Loretta        B+
23 Phil Nevin         C-
24 Brian Giles        C-
30 Ryan Klesko        C
22 Xavier Nady        B
10 Dave Roberts        A-
11 Mark Sweeney        B+
Bruce Bochy        C+
John Moores        D