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Philly Billy on the Pads

Philly Billy from 1090 was about to explode yesterday after the game.  He was livid.  He told Darren Smith that he wanted to have some alone time with the team to really chew into them.  He said he would make the players practice fundamentals as soon as they got off the plane until late at night.  Then make a rule that every player has to show up at 2:30pm on game days.  No cell phones, no video games, no TV in the club house at all.  He blames everyone on the team except Peavy and Loretta. No word on his stand on Graba$$ around the clubhouse. 

The person he blames the most?  John Moores.  I couldn't agree more.  Billy wants this team changed or overhauled.  This was a team from last year that couldn't drive in runs and Moores didn't make any changes.  Billy thinks Moores should have made a move for Troy Glaus or Shawn Greene.  

Darren Smith thinks that the reason why Padres fans are so upset and already tired so early in the season is because this is almost the exact same team as last year.  We've been seeing the same leaking roof for over a year and nobody is fixing it.  

This morning on KGB I heard a commercial of Ramon Hernandez trying to sell season tickets. It went something like this... "We learned how to win last year and we have a brand new ball park, there is nothing stopping us..." Did they learn how to win? They had a ton of opportunities last year to claim the NL west and they couldn't get wins down the stretch. Sure they were over .500 but they seem a little too happy about that. Like they were satisfied with that.

The morning show people on KGB were making fun of Khalil Greene's hair on the Channel 4 One-on-one. They were saying that he's got terrible hair and that he would probably look better with hat hair. They said he looked like Jerry Seinfeld and Kramer when they lost water pressure in the shower and their hair was all straight and flat. Big League Hair? Apparently not. His hair is kinda flat and dry looking. I'm thinking some extra conditioner and a perm, but that's me.

Update [2005-4-28 12:27:54 by jbox]: Oh also they were saying that there hasn't been a win from the number 5 pitcher since last April 19th. I think that was the date. It's been over a year. The UT is calling it the "Curse of Ismael".

Update [2005-4-28 14:21:0 by jbox]: I'm talking to Dex it may be July 19th 2004. In any case it's been a long time.