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A Few Thoughts

I think Dex mentioned it before, but I have an idea to get Nevin and Klesko out of their no trade agreement.  You send both of them to AAA and they get so pissed they demand to be traded.  Then you pick up somebody good.

What's with Klesko wearing his socks all high last night?  Is this how he thinks people break outta slumps?  There's only one way to slump bust.  There's always been just one way.  Take one for the team Klesko and get some long pants.

Loretta did something great a few days ago, he tagged up on first and took second on a deep fly ball.  No major leaguer ever does this.  They always run half way and then go back to first.  Tag up more often, most of these outfielders can't throw so good.  Test them.

Brian Giles has been making really bad throws from right field.  He's been bouncing almost every throw to the cutoff man or the infielder.  Does he really have such a bad arm?  He spiked the ball last night.

I was thinking about how people say that Bochy should take the blame for this team because he's the leader.  I say John Moores is the leader because he controls the money, he should take the ultimate blame.  Granted I like Bochy and I'm leaning towards disliking Moores.

Ramon Hernandez should grow a whispy beard.  He really should.  I think he'd look sick and maybe it would draw some more ladies to the ballpark.  Chicks love that sorta thing.  Trust me on this.

Happy Birthday Geoff Blum.  Today is your day, hit another homer.  You my friend may be the greatest Padres short stop of all time.  I think I like you better then Khalil.

Nevin's eyes look really close together?  Is this why he hasn't been hitting very well?  Are they getting closer?  They are beady little eyes too.  He makes me nervous.  Maybe he just doesn't have a very pronounced bridge on his nose.  I suggest plastic surgery and batting practice.

That pre-game show on Channel 4 is horrible. They should let the staff here at Gaslampball take that over. They'd have to pay us plenty though. We wouldn't let Weisbarth on the show either. We can play hardball too, Weisbarth. Oh yes, we can play that game.