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At least we know we can beat the Giants

Good performance yesterday though I missed most of the game as we finally took the old laptop into the genius bar at the Apple store. I did catch what what Jerry Coleman did on the radio. And I also caught Hoffman closing out the 9th. His stuff looked nasty wicked. Like when you feed a dog too much bacon. Filthy, nasty, dirty stuff.

Geoff Blum has also been very very productive. It's a shame players psyches are so delicate, or else I'm sure Bochy wouldn't mind shuffling the lineup a little bit and have Blum bat third with Roberts and Loretta in front of him. Shuffle Nady in among Giles and Klesko, and take some pressure off of Phil and provide a threat late in the lineup.

Of course, as soon as you do that, everybody probably goes into a funk. Still, I think it would be good to see.

In news that Junior Compadres everywhere happy, the Dodgers lost again yesterday, fulfililng my Friday prediction that they would lose 3 of their next 5. I also thought 4 of their next 6 but I'm not so confident about that one. Perhaps because they'll be losing 5 of the 6? One can only hope.

Also, jrub called me out regarding yesterday's analysis. I was going to touch on all the subjects he suggested, but instead, maybe an open thread would be better. As always, suggestions are appreciated.

Hmmmmm.... I'm not done but there's a fire alarm going off. We gotta evacuate! I think it's a drill. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

Update [2005-4-26 13:7:7 by Dex]:
Well, nobody else is evacuating, and now I've lost my train of thought. Oh well.

In news, our very own jbox and my very own Jess both ran the La Jolla Half Marathon on Sunday. I asked jbox how he did that afternoon cause we missed each other at the event. He said, "pretty good". I asked if he won and he said no. I look at the standings and he came in like one thousandth place, but if that's "pretty good" then I trust him. He actually did very well, finishing in under two hours. Jess finished just over two hours. I think she could have finished in under two if not for the walks to and from the water stations. I think I could've done it, but it might have killed me. If anything I would've thrown up and passed out at the end. My last words before losing consciousness would have been, "F__king Nevin, dude. F__king Nevin."