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More late afternoon analysis

Geoff at Ducksnorts points out that the Padres have actually outscored opponents 85-82. Using the old Pythagorean Theorem of Baseball, these numbers would suggest that the Padres should have 10 wins right now instead of 8.

If we break the numbers down by day of the week as I did previously, we see that the Padres have outscored opponents 56-37 during the week and have been outscored 29-45 on the weekends. Their mid-week run totals means we should have 13 wins right now, as I concluded previously. Their weekend runs scored don't seem to jive quite right with their weekend record though. Looking closer at the weekend numbers, these totals suggest that they should have won 3 of their 9 weekend games instead of just 1.

What does this further analysis reveal to us?

Conclusion 1: The Padres having scored enough runs to merit a record above .500 suggests that they're cramming. They're trying to squeeze in all of their runs in a limited amount of time in order to cover for their laziness on the weekends. Yet, as we all can see, procrastination has gotten us nowhere. Spread the work out, Padres, and the fruits of your labor can be better enjoyed with the added benefit of a relaxed pace.

Conclusion 2: The fact that the Padres actually have a worse record on the weekends than projected means proves that sloppy work leads to sloppy results. By simply being unfocused, the Padres have been unable to capitalize fully on the work that they do do on the weekends.

More analysis as it comes to me...