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Open Thread, 4/22: Padres vs Diamondbacks

Tim "Curse of the Valdez" Redding (0-2, 4.35) vs Brad "Who'd they get for Big Unit again?" Halsey (1-0, 2.81)

6:40 PM start. What an interesting start time. I'm thinking that this is about the time where things start to head in the direction we expect them to. At least that's what I hope.

I'm going to watch Kung Fu Hustle tonight, but here's an open thread if you're watching the game and something interesting happens.

Update [2005-4-23 1:15:44 by Dex]:
Back from the movie. Padres lose tonight which is a bummer, but this line makes me happy. Colorado (5-11) defeats Los Angeles (12-4) 9 to 1. Jennings with a complete game in Denver.

I told you the Dodgers weren't magic.