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TV commercial followup

Here's a picture (courtesy of Garth):

Click on it to get a larger version. The story behind this picture is here. I'm warning you. It's mostly me pretending to be the best Brian Giles fan in the world. And it's long.

For those of you who've read the story, I'll point out the characters. The "talent" is sitting to the left of the Friar. That's the little kid who almost got run down by a trolley and the guy who played his dad. In the photo, the Dad looks more like Shane Spencer to me than he did in real life. The kid looks like he could use a double dose of Ritalin. I'm just kidding. He was sweet kid. An angel you might say. Garth mentioned the fact that Dad done runnoft with the jersey that was supposed to go to one of the other extras. If you see Shane Spencer running around with a Jake Peavy jersey on, you do what you need to do, if you know what I mean. I know you know what I mean.

Over to the left of the kid, wearing the sand jersey and not smiling, is Jon. A handsomer sonuvagun you won't find this side of Southern California. It's a shame he doesn't smile much for photos. Tough on his acting career, but if Keanu Reeves can get away with it, Jon can too.

Below, and to the right of the Friar is the guy who came alone. We ran into him again before the game when we were trying to search the crowds to find the guy with our tickets. I hope he found his tickets. Friendly guy.

Just above the Friar is the kid's mom. She almost fainted when her kid almost fell on the tracks in between the moving trolley cars. The Friar's a hero.

Now, behind the Friar's right shoulder is six dudes. Me and the five marines. I'm the shorter guy with glasses. The taller guy with glasses is Chris. Jon and I had a nice chat with Chris (Jon: "You ever been in the sh_t?" Chris [thoughtfully]: "Yeah. I been in the sh_t.").

The guy flashing the hang loose is the surfer looking guy that explained to me the "recon-for-tail" mission that they went on during the train ride. The marine right next to the Friar's right ear was nuts. He's the crazy guy that they don't tell you about in those Marines commercials. They only tell you about the few and the proud. They never tell you about the crazy guy until they got you halfway up suicide hill with 80lbs of gear on your back.

The guy blocking the surfer guy had Big League Hair. I think his name was Art. He was a Dodger fan, but that didn't stop him from grabbing for as much Padres schwag as he could.

That's about it. Hopefully, this photo will provide your mind's eye with something as you read the story about that day.