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I miss Cami

I didn't go to the game last night but I made sure to catch the Channel 4 repeat when they showed part of the ceremony.  I guess there were 2 videos and Leitner made a speech.  They only showed one video on Channel 4.  The video was pretty good showing Cami play while Tim Flannery sang a song about him.  

There were two parts that got to me though.  Seeing his family especially his oldest daughter and his parents trying not to cry.  People trying not to cry is almost sadder then the actual act of crying.  It was a touching moment.  

Same goes for the second part when Cami was introduced a year or so ago from the Presidents box.  He accepted the applause and patted his heart.  It was a big deal for him to be liked by San Diego fans and it showed.  He had made so many mistakes and he was so happy that the fans hadn't turned on him.