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I'm not the biggest Brian Giles fan in San Diego. I just play him on TV.

I'm back from the game. I'm hoarse. My ears are ringing. I feel completely spent. Two heads of my beloved three headed monster failed me and the third head cowered and refused to show itself thanks to the magical unicorns that are the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I swear to you, they are magical. Depodesta is a god among men. When they sh_t, it smells of roses and licorice. They can do no wrong. I know this, because I've now witnessed it in person. I know first hand that nothing bad will ever happen to them.

First though, let me tell you about my day before the game...

Today was commercial day! Jon and I hitched a ride up to the Oceanside Transit Center to take part in the filming of Garth's commercial for the North County Coaster. It was so exciting. We had visions of being discovered and getting whisked off to Hollywood.

Jon asked, "Once you're in Hollywood, who are you going to date first?"

I said, "I'm married. I ain't gonna be dating anybody in Hollywood."

Jon said "I'm going to date Zhang Ziyi. I'm going to learn Chinese and date Zhang Ziyi."

We met up with Garth and some of the other extras. The first of the "talent" was this little blonde kid with missing teeth and dimples. He played the "The Kid". The "Dad" was the other "talent" to be featured. The part of "Dad" was played by Mitch from Dawson's Creek. Not really, but there's a resemblance. Jon and I were extras along with about five Marines from the nearby base, the kid's mom, an older lady, and another guy who came along by himself (a reader of the blog perhaps? I was too shy to ask).

Garth opened up a Sports Authority bag filled with all kinds of stuff. Our costumes! They loaded us up with the gear. Jon had brought his sand jersey already, but I didn't have any gear on except for my Padres hat so I asked for some. I got to wear a blue Brian Giles jersey. I immediately got into character. I'm a Brian Giles fan, I thought over and over. I'm the best Brian Giles fan in San Diego. They gave us a foam finger and a pennant to wave around. After putting on all our stuff, we checked ourselves in nearby car windows. Let me tell you right now... And I say this truthfully... We looked positively edible.

Our first scene was us walking onto the train. We did this about eight times. Jon waved his foam finger around and I shook my pennant. Each time I stepped onto the train, I thought, I'm the best Brian Giles fan in San Diego. I was completely in character.

The plan was to get those jumping on the train shots, then actually get on the train for real and take it to the downtown station. Garth couldn't join us for that as he got stuck driving the truck down to take the crew back to Oceanside after the shoot. We were placed in our positions for scene 2. I was seated towards the back next to two of the Marines. Jon got positioned so he was kneeling behind and looking over the shoulders of the two ladies seated in their seats. I was jealous as his position was much more prominent. Still, I would have to make do with what I had. Couldn't let a little envy ruin my performance. Clear your head, Dex. I am the best Brian Giles fan in San Diego. Brian Giles has the best hair on the team. You might ask yourself if actors ever get "in the zone". The answer is yes. I was there earlier today.

Scene two had us in these positions cheering. Shouting and hollering that the Padres were number one. Everybody else was numbers two through thirty. And so on and so forth. We did that about three times. The director and cameraman looked pleased as punch at how good we were.

After that scene got filmed, there was some dead time while we actually rode the train and waited to get downtown. Jon and I had a nice chat with one of the Marines named Chris. Chris told us all about the ins and outs of guarding an embassy. I could see that Jon was dying to ask Chris if he'd ever killed a man, but somehow, he managed to stifle the urge.

Sometime during our chat, one of the Marines signaled to the others and made a clicking noise. All the Marines nodded and looked towards the stairs to the second level of the train's cabin. I got anxious and asked, "What's going on? Is there something we should know about?"

The guy who seemed to be leader of the bunch, a blonde surfer looking Marine, nodded and said, "Our man's going on recon upstairs. He may have spotted some tail. Stay here. We'll handle this." Then they went up the stairs, looking for tail.

Our country's in good hands.

We finally got into the station downtown and met up with the Swingin' Friar. I'll go ahead and apologize right now for not bringing a camera. Jon forgot his also. The Marines brought one, so if you guys are reading this, can you e-mail me some of the photos? I doubt Chris remembered the name of our site, but just in case. The photos would have been good.

The scene we filmed in the station was of the kid and dad jumping onto the train by themselves. The Friar would already on-board and we would all be seated. Sort of like the Friar would be taking the train down with everybody. This scene we shot about eleven times. It felt like forever. The life of an extra is rough.

Next came my featured scene. My featured scene was really a re-shoot of the first scene, but this time with a few people already on the train. Just to fill in space. I was one of those people, so when the commercial airs on Channel 4, look for me when everybody's jumping on the train. I'll be the guy in the middle wearing the blue jersey. I tried to flash my dimples, but who knows if they'll appear on film.

Finally, we stood outside and waited for a trolley to roll up so that the Friar, the kid and the dad could all walk up to the trolley together. Sort of round out the whole trip. Took a while for a trolley to arrive and in the meantime, the Friar stood by us.

I shook his hand and told him he was looking well. He gave me a thumbs up. Then, a muffled New York accent came from the direction of the Friar's mouth that said, "Where you guys sittin' tonight?"

"Oh, uh.. Probably section 122. Front row." I'd never heard the Friar talk before and it was a little unnerving. I lost my cool for a second but then I thought, What's Brian Giles like? He's cool. Play it cool, Dex. I played it cool.

After I got used to talking to him, Jon and I had a pretty good conversation. Learned a lot about him. Jon's excited to post it as an interview, though I could probably sum up the highlights. I won't ruin his interview I guess.

When the trolley finally arrived, they filmed the last scene of kid, dad and Friar all walking up towards the trolley. They shot that scene a solid dozen times. On the last shot there was a dangerous moment. The trolley started to roll away from the station and the kid tripped over his own feet and almost ended up on the tracks. If it weren't for the Friar's quick hands, the day might have ended in tragedy.

Actually, I guess the day did end up in tragedy considering the outcome of the game. It would've ended up in tragedy sooner than it did though if it weren't for the Friar. After all the scenes were shot, they gave away the stuff. I got to keep the jersey I was wearing and the pennant. Jon got a t-shirt. Hollywood, here we come! Jon better start working on his Chinese, because it's only a matter of time before we're discovered.

It's well after midnight now, so I'll write up a game report in the morning. I'm sorry about not posting an open thread for the game. I'll try not to forget again.