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Open Thread, 4/21: Padres vs Dodgers part V

Today would have been Ken Caminiti's 42nd birthday. The Padres will pay tribute in a pregame ceremony.

I have a bad feeling that there are going to be quite a few fights at the game. Dodger fan isn't known for being overly sentimental. They're riding high and I can see plenty of hurtful things being said when the Padres fans all shed a tear for one of our great players. You mix in the bitterness that the Padres have been force fed by the Dodgers, and I'll be surprised if there aren't several people thrown out by the ninth inning.

Ideally, they would have paid tribute at a game against the Astros. Cammi's daughters would've really felt the love from all the fans.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope it turns out really well. I also hope the Padres can figure the Dodgers out tonight, maybe with a little Cammi inspiration, and come away with a win.

Open thread for all.

Update [2005-4-22 0:59:31 by Dex]: Padres 6, Dodgers 1. If you were at the game, I'm curious as to how the Caminiti tribute was received and what the ratio of Dodger to Padre fans was tonight. A game report in the diaries section would be awesome, or else just a quick comment. That type of win was just what the Padres needed. Now they can hit the road confident.