Inside look at the Swinging Friar

Here is what we learned from of our chat with the Friar yesterday.  It was during the commercial shoot at the Santa Fe Train Station.

GasLampBall: So how you like being the Friar?

Friar:  It's great.  Although something I never thought I'd be doing.

GLB:  Really, So how did you get your start in this industry?

Friar:  It was pure chance.  Ten years ago the New York Islanders needed a mascot, and I could skate.  From there I went to the Mets and dressed up as a giant baseball.

GLB: Ah Ya, the Met ball, I love that guy.  I could tell you were from New York with that thick accent.  So how did you become the Friar?

Friar:  I love San Diego; I moved out here four years ago and just called them up.  The Friar at the time needed a little help, so now there are two of us.  We rotate every game.

GLB:  So word is the Phillie Fanatic is THE Mascot, how do you feel about that?

Friar:  Don't forget the one sense he has ruined it for the rest of us.  The stuff he does is classic.  Nobody can compete with the Chicken.

So there you have it.  The Friar isn't some yahoo that just dances around.  He is a seasoned veteran.  Entertaining fans for years.  Sometimes having to put up with rowdy Dodger fans.  He's on the verge of heat stroke during those Sunday afternoon games in August. But it's just another day at the office for the Swinging Friar.  Respect!

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