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Should Bochy be fired if the Pads don't make the Playoffs?

Dex and I were discussing this very question this morning.  I've created this awesome poll so that we can see what you think.

Dex thinks Bochy should be "fed to the pigs". I think that Bochy does a good job but he's not a magician. He can't make Ryan Klesko hit a baseball or make Phil Nevin fast. He needs a good team to be successful and that the blame shouldn't fall on him.


Should Bochy be fired if the Padres don't make the Playoffs this season

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  • 53%
    Yes, Fire him! Feed him to the pigs! It will motivate the players
    (8 votes)
  • 46%
    No, it's not his fault. It's Nevin's fault
    (7 votes)
15 votes total Vote Now