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Moores seems Miserable

It's painful to watch Moores on TV.  That guy looks like he is miserable. I wonder if he has ever cracked a joke in his life or attempted to smile. He sits around in his millionaire uniform of jeans and a sport coat and just looks sick.

Moores wants to make the Padres the best baseball franchise in America without spending any money.  Good luck with that guy.

We also find out why Moores hasn't offered a contract extension to Bochy.  He wants Alderson to make the move.  Bochy was confused by all this.  I bet it sucks working for Moores.

His whole idea is to run the Padres like a business.  I got no problems with that, but this is the entertainment business.  Sometimes you have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to succeed.  He also wants to raise talent from the farm system. The problem with that is he should have been doing this all along.  If he wants to get all of his talent from here instead of buying it on the open market we are going to have to wait another 5-10 years for a competitive team.

I think Moores ordeal with the ballpark broke the man. Not to mention the accusations of scandalous behavior at Peregrine Systems.

My advice to Moores is this:

  1. Lose the poopy face
  2. You are incredibly rich if you don't like owning a baseball team sell the team and retire
  3. If you really want to win, then spend some money and stop being so cheap
  4. Try and have a little bit of fun
  5. A diet of pure nacho cheese and Funyuns isn't healthy