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Padres vs. the Storm

Jon and I watched a bit of the Padres vs. the minor League Class A Storm game.  It looks like they were up in Lake Elsinore, the Storm's home field.  The Pads were winning 6-3 last time I checked.  Those Channel 4 announcers were not very good.  They must have been Storm announcers.  

They were talking a bit about how Nevin has a real bad temper and guys are frightened to talk to him.  Tell us something we don't know.  But apparently he's gonna try to change that this season.  He may even try cracking a smile this season, but no promises.  It'd be nice if he and Klesko weren't cancers in the clubhouse.  

I saw him on the news last night talking about how he saved his former High School's baseball tournament by giving them $9,000.  That's nice of him to do that for his old school, but he still seemed real angry about something.  I was thinking this morning that he is the Barry Bonds of the Padres except he isn't an MVP quality player and doesn't hit 70 HR's a year.