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Leitner on Pubes II

Leitner missed his program yesterday because he was getting a vasectomy. We got a new pope. We got a new CEO. Leitner is no longer able to spawn offspring. There's something very biblical going on here in San Diego.

During the operation, Leitner smelled something burning know... down there. The doctors claim they were cauterizing the blood vessels, but I'm betting they took a torch to his boys to make sure the job was completely finished.

Also, I've never heard somebody so chipper about a vasectomy. He sounds like he just saw a unicorn or something.

In other news... If you want a chance to be in a television commercial and you can be in Oceanside tomorrow at around 2:00PM, and you don't mind being paid in Padres t-shirts, pennants, and maybe jerseys or tickets... Then click here. Once you do, e-mail Garth and he'll give you details. The commercial is for the Coaster and why people should take it down for Padres games.

Garth, I'm sorry to put this at the bottom of the Leitner vasectomy entry, but for some reason, it was meant to be here.

Update [2005-4-19 18:51:4 by jbox]:

I saw a unicorn once and I made this drawing afterward. I was pretty chipper too.