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Open Thread: Sandy Alderson Press Conference

Sandy Alderson is going to have a press conference later this morning. I can't find a start time for it. If you have thoughts on this, post them here.

Some speculation has included that this may be the reason that Towers didn't have the green light to give Bochy the contract extension. Sandy Alderson being a former GM will likely be more hands on than Freeman was in the position, though Towers probably fits Alderson's philosophies already. Towers being mentioned sometimes with such Moneyball style GMs as Beane, Depodesta and Epstein.

Oh and dude there's a new pope! Lemme see who this is...

Update [2005-4-19 13:19:33 by Dex]: The press conference will be at 11:30. Until then, read some of the diaries and reflect on the kinds of things Padres fans think about after a win.

Update [2005-4-19 16:4:50 by Dex]:
I missed the press conference and the interview that Sandy Alderson gave on 1090. I was too busy eating Sushi Deli 2 with Jon. I'm so full now. So so full.