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Week 2 in review

What do we know now after two weeks?

Depodesta's a genius. And coming up for the Dodgers: Penny, Gagne, Werth... I'm surprised Jackie Robinson didn't come back and hit a couple of home runs for them today.

The Padres bench and bullpen are great... But are they better than the starting lineups and rotations in the rest of the league? Because they're up. Two weeks in and our bench is up and playing regularly. Khalil is out for a month or so, but even when he was in, he seemed stuck solidly in a sophmore slump. At least we get Roberts back soon.

No rest for the weary as the Padres homestand gives them two against the Dodgers and two against the Giants. Our guys don't even get a weekend at home to recover before they're on the road again against the Diamondbacks and Giants.

The Padres really need to step it up, but it's not so bad. In the comments, bktabinga points out that the Padres have only beaten sub .500 teams, but that's definitely glass half empty. We've only played against three other teams so far. And with the Cubs win today, they're actually at .500. Plenty of other good teams on paper have gotten off to slow starts.

What we need now is for Peavy to be awesome. We need Roberts to be fast. We need the defense to wake up. Get this team back on track. Let's go Bochy. You want a fat contract extension? Go ahead and earn it.