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Open Thread, 4/16: Padres vs Dodgers or A Lowe Down Dirty Shame

I missed the game last night as I went to go see Fever Pitch. I caught the last two innings on the radio. Leitner and Flan sounded depressed as they wound it up so it didn't seem like a "close" 4-0 defeat.

The morning recaps confirmed how bad it was as the NC Times and the UT go with versions of the same pun: Padres hit a Lowe point and Padres don't hit new Lowe. With the benefit of a morning's worth of thought, I think my pun is better.

Tonight sees a switched around schedule as Adam Eaton (1-0, 2.53) takes on Scott Erickson (0-0, 12.46). Eaton 4 wins, 1.11 ERA in Dodger stadium. Let's get this show back on the road.

Here's my prediction for the pun in tomorrow's paper: Padres cookin' and Eaton well tonight.

Seriously, you know that's pretty good.

Open thread for the game tonight, though we'll be at Twiggs watching a friend of a friend play.