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Interview: Pad Squadder Erica

Pad Squad Erica: Hmmmm....these are some of the most interesting interview questions I've ever seen. I'll do my best to answer them:

jbox: How would you describe what the Pad Squad does or what their goal is at a game?

Erica: We are "good will ambassadors" for the padres baseball team. Our goal is to be a front line emissary......making sure the fans are having a good time, answering any questions they might have, and creating what they call "major league memories" for anyone coming to the games. We get people excited about being there......we rally the crowd when the team is behind, we make sure kids walk away from us with a smile.I know that this answer is sounding more and more canned by the minute, so I'll stop now......but you get the picture.

We do a lot of stuff before, during, and after a game.We escort VIP's down onto the field for pre game ceremonies. We go visit people on their birthday, we help out with a lot of the contests, We do sligshots and 7th inning stretch where we give away a bunch of free stuff....then after the game we are at the gates saying goodbye if we lose and rockin' out if we win.

jbox: Has there been talk of trying to out do the Marlin Mermaids? I'm not saying you should, I'm just asking.

Erica: Who are the Merlin Mermaids?

jbox: Is that a dude or a chick in the Friar outfit?

Erica: The friar is a dude, dude......haven't you seen his polka dotted boxers?

jbox: Do you guys ever "accidentally" walk into the Pads locker room to take a peek?

Erica: Never

jbox: Why do some Pad Squadders wear gloves?

Erica: I think its either luck, style, or both.

jbox: Have there been any relationships between Pad Squadders and Padres? Or is that frowned upon. If there is can you tell me the player, not the Squadder? I know one... Ruben Rivera for a fact.

Erica: There have, and it was frowned upon. There was a time a few years ago when we all knew it was happening even though the people involved thought they had it under wraps.....eventually those pad squad members were not asked to return. It is unprofessional in my opinion.

Dex: Are there rules against pad squadders and padres dating? If so, you should probably know that Ruben Rivera once snuck a minor into McGreggors Bar and Grill in Mission Valley.

Erica: I'm not sure if there are any written rules, but it is strongly advised that the girls don't fraternize with the players.

jbox: Do the Padres like the Pad Squad?

Erica: That would be a question for the players.

jbox: Are there any players that are just really rude to you guys?

Erica: Not to me I don't think.....most of the players I have seen while working have their game face on and are concentrating. so its tough to tell sometimes.

jbox: Everybody seems to have a favorite Pad Squadder. Currently Veronica is my favorite Pad Squadder because she seems a little shy and a little mysterious. Dex's favorite is Erica and Kev's favorite is the girl cheering in our pictures. What would you say to convince me that you should be my favorite Pad Squadder?

Erica: I'm just there for the game.....not to be anyones favorite really.....But it is flattering. Tell dex I'm flattered.

jbox: Are guys constantly hitting on you Pad Squadders? If so, do they use baseball cliches (Ex. How about letting me get to first base?)

Erica: really drunk guys hit on us all the time......or maybe that's just me. Really drunk guys hit on just me......guys usually dont pick up on me because i'm usually wearing my wedding ring. Sadly, guys dont pick up on me on the days I don't wear it either....So I guess its good that I'm already taken.

dex: do they have pad squad practices for working the water balloon launcher? cause the pressure's on to do that right and they only really get one maybe two chances.

Erica: Yes, there is one practice at the start of the season.

jbox: What's with the walkie-talkies? Are those for show? If they are real who do you talk to? I used to have some Dukes of Hazzard walkie-talkies when I was six.

Erica: The talkies are real. We communicate a lot with the people running the show from behind the scenes. We also communicate with each other when we want to all be at the same place at the same time. Sometimes guest services calls us. Sometimes we need to alert security that there is a fight, or the medic that someone is hurt, or eachother when we see an unruly dodger fan that needs to be out numbered. One thing is for sure though.....they aren't nearly as cool as the Dukes of Hazzard walkie talkies.

I'd like to thank Pad Squad Erica for answering our questions and putting up with us. She is quickly becoming my favorite Pad Squadder. Sorry Veronica, it's true. It's not you... it's me.