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Travel day odds and ends

They found a scouting report on Kerry Wood in the Padres clubhouse at Wrigley. The report basically said that the Padres were going to school Kerry Wood. They didn't find a report on Mark Prior though. If they did, I bet it would look something like this .

A new book ranks baseball's all time announcers. Our man Jerry Coleman just makes the top 20 at number 19, which I imagine is a little wink at Jerry announcing Tony Gwynn all those years. But maybe it's just coincidence.

Did anybody else think that it was bad form for Dave Roberts to wear a Boston Jersey besides John Kruk? I mean while receiving his World Series Championship ring. If not, why do people care so much what John Kruk thinks? This is a guy who's nickname is "One Nut". Let's not forget that, even if he is on Baseball Tonight. No need to give him so much credit.

Finally, it's awesome that Blum crushed the ball yesterday. It's good to know we have that kind of strength coming off the bench.