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Khalil on One on One

Klesko on Khalil: He's a cat.

Eaton on Khalil: Gifted

Dex on Khalil: Surprising amount of baby fat

What we learn from this One on One as we go:

  • They mentioned what his name means, but darn me... I was typing and I missed it... I'll look it up... It means "friend".
  • He was number 5 at Key West High. That's Jess's favorite number.
  • Scouts thought he was too heavy to be a shortstop. Told you so about the baby fat.
  • Cardinals wanted to turn him into a catcher out of high school.
  • Tuna fish and oatmeal regularly will turn you into Khalil Greene.
  • The Clemson baseball coach has something a little bit distracting on his forehead. It might be a birthmark, but it looks a little like a bruise.
  • Khalil thinks the brown and yellow throwbacks are cool
  • Khalil has an artistic side
Man, that was a great one on one. What a good guy that Khalil. We actually have an extra Khalil Greene figurine from the giveaway last Friday night. Maybe we should give it away as prize to our readers. I'll have to figure out how to do it. Oh a scavenger hunt would be fun, wouldn't it? What if I hid it somewhere at Petco. Would they let me do that?