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Open thread, 4/12: PEAVY vs PRIOR

Or Padres vs Cubs if you like. 11:20AM start. Huge matchup. Randy Johnson vs David Wells? Just a couple of geezers compared to this. This is the dookie right here. Prior be like, "You think you can steal my thunder, Southernboy? I'm the future of the National League!" Peavy be all like, "This is for sweet home Alabama, sucka! I'm the prince of SoCal now!"

Here's the thread for discussion.

Update [2005-4-12 14:7:36 by Dex]: GAME POSTPONED! And they'll have to wait till tomorrow. Doubleheader scheduled for tomorrow. They should save Peavy vs Prior for the second game. Lawrence vs Wood can be the undercard. Save Peavy vs Prior for the main event.