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Learning from the BoSox

I was watching on ESPN the Red Sox get their WS rings and hoist their '04 Champions banner during their home opener against the Yankees. So here are a few things I'm reminded of when watching this "bunch of idiots"...

  1.  BoSox Fan is crazy.  During the team intros, they booed the Yankees batboy and gave Mariano Rivera a standing ovation.  Classic.  Padre fans need to be more antagonistic and intense, like Dex.
  2.  I miss Larry Lucchino.  Many of you may argue with me on this one, but I think he got a bad wrap in SD and Moores sold this guy out.  Kudos to Larry for helping Boston get a WS ring.
  3.  Tim Wakefield is a magician throwing the knuckleball.  He made A-Rod and Hideki look like Little Leaguers out there in the 1st inning.  Padres need to give Steve Sparks another chance as Brian Hiro of the NC Times points out.  He's the only other knuckleballer in the majors.  Every batter that faces Wakefield admits there is no way to prepare for a knuckleballer.  
Note:  When I was young and my Dad and I would play catch, he would sometimes mix in a knuckleball or two.  It was always a struggle to catch that ball (especially coming from a lefty) and not misjudge getting hit in the nads.  I learned the hard way.