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Week 1 review

Well, that was a little disappointing, wasn't it? Split two series against a couple of teams loaded with babies. Winning one and losing one in Colorado is one thing, but couldn't the Padres have spread out their Saturday night attack a little bit? Those runs would've been useful in the rest of the series. I don't like outscoring teams 24-18 then 17-12 and only coming away at .500. Come on people, we're better than that. 41 runs to 31 runs. If we want to win this season, we have to make those runs count and that means not falling too far behind our expected wins. Right now, we, at the very least, should be at 4 wins instead of 3. Let's make that up sooner rather than later.

Bill Center points out that our fast start looks more like a false start. The North County times is no less critical of the slower than expected start, but at least they didn't use a bad pun to add insult to injury.