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Bottom Line: The Padres have things lined up to win this tough division. If Peavy can repeat his performance last year, when he went 15-6 with a 2.27 ERA, a Cy Young trophy could be his to lose. With Roberts and Loretta at the top of this lineup, Nevin, Giles and Klesko could each knock in 100 RBI.

2005 prediction: 92-70, 1st

They also picked Xavier Nady as the Hottest Guy on the team. I guess Dex was right.

Here's a little something they said about Giles back in 2001. Apparently he won the Brass Balls award. Who knew?:

Just a question before we disposed of our next candidate. Do you like boys, or do you like men? Brian Giles is Marcus's not-quite-as-hot big brother. Granted, that's not a fair comparison. It's sort of like disparaging J. Paul Getty for not having as much money as Rockefeller. Unlike the boyishly sexy cute Atlanta second baseman, big bro Brian is all man. But he doesn't have li'l bro's chin dimple. Next.

More Padres Winners:

Ramon Hernandez got some love too:

Our first nominee is Ramon Hernandez. A handsome emerging star with the A's from - where else - Venezuela! Unfortunately, he's not emerging rapidly enough.
As well as Ben Davis, I guess Kev was right:
Purely as a matter of physical appeal, the Padres' Ben Davis has to be considered. The best description of his physique is "chiseled." And he's got a handsome face that makes San Diego girls (and Hillcrest boys) swoon. But, my sources in San Diego tell me he's a bit of genital. (In case there are children reading this column, I used the scientific term "genital" instead of the more vulgar word that begins with "d" and rhymes with prick.)