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Game Report, 4/9: Padres 11, Pirates 3

Awesome offensive game tonight, just as I had hoped. X. Nady was splendid. 4-5 with 2 singles, a triple and a 3 run homer. I think the Padres needed a big game like this early in the season. Mark and Vagersian were talking about the first time the Pads scored double digits at home last season was in August.

Things we learned:

  • Padres can hit the long ball in Petco
  • Nady may very well be for real
  • Mark Loretta needs to stop swinging for the high heat
  • The Pirates can keep Oliver Perez we are happy with Giles
  • The Magic 8 Ball is 1-0 with predictions

I'm not sure what else. Greene's one on one is on now. I gotta go watch that guy.